The Best Instagram Spots in Ubud

It’s no secret that Ubud is one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable places in the world. It’s also no secret that many people come here simply to improve their Instagram account (and to do some yoga and vegan food eating on the side). If you want to easily locate the best Instagram spots in Ubud, then read on.

While there are so many opportunities for photos that can be found simply by wandering through the area, it’s also useful to have a game plan if you really want to capture ‘the shot’.

Here are our 6 best Instagram spots in Ubud:

1. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Instagram spots Ubud – Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces are well-known to Instagramers and tourists alike. It’s no wonder because they’re one of the most beautiful, serene and idilic spots on the island. The Terraces are huge and have many different entrances, so you could explore for hours, or come for a short time and capture your snaps.

– Rice gets harvested three times a year, which means you could be visiting when the rice is being harvested, or planted, which won’t give you the best shots. Check with your driver and they’ll take you to the spots where the rice is nice and lush.
– Some entrances have local people taking money from you all the way down into the fields – again, ask your driver to drop you at the “bali swing” end where you are only required to give a 20,000 IR donation.

Getting there:
The terraces are only 20 minutes out of Ubud depending on traffic. You can either hire a taxi driver or hire your own moped. A taxi costs roughly 300,000 IR return for a full three hours. Many drivers receive only 20% of that charge, so it’s a nice idea to give them a tip at the end.

2. Your Ubud accomodation

Best Instagram spots in Ubud
Instagram spots Ubud – Ubud hotels

Yes, Ubud is so Instagrammable that chances are your resort, hotel or even hostel has spots perfect for photos. Some people even go to the trouble of picking their accomodation specifically to get good photos for Instagram. While we’ve definitely never gone to that level, we’ve found accomodation in Ubud to be perfect for photo opps especially given there isn’t usually a crowd.

3. Campuhan Ridge Walk

Best Instagram spots Ubud
Instagram spots Ubud – Campuhan Ridge Walk

It’s a little touristy, and can be fairly tough in the heat, but it’s well worth your efforts. The ridge walk provides many beautiful vantage points including rice fields, the jungle and a huge valley. If the walkway is busy, there are many spots where you can stand on the side and capture your travel snaps.

– Get there early, once the crowds hit the walk there’ll be no space for you to capture your photos on the actual walkway.
– Take water with you – you’ll need it.

Getting there:
The ridge walk is a fairly easy walk from central Ubud. Head west from Ubud market out of the main centre.

4. Jalan Subak Sok Wayah

For a more secret and MUCH less touristy spot than Campuhan Ridge Walk, head to the other side of the river and wander through Jalan Subak Sok Wayah. This pathway is bordered almost the entire way with rice fields, papaya plantations, banana plantations and, of course, more vegan cafes than you can shake a stick of tempe at. On this walk you’re spoilt with Instagram opportunities at every turn.

Getting there:
Walk west from Ubud’s main centre, there are a few sneaky turns when finding this place, but that’s part of the fun.

5. Bali Nests

Bali nests – best Instagram spots in Ubud

These are dotted all over Ubud’s countryside and while they might seem a little bit gimmicky, they actually make great frames for photos. The nests come in different shapes, but this heart located at Tegalalang Rice Terraces is our favourite (and the only one we’ve deemed worthy of a photograph).

Getting there:
Nests can be found in most touristy spots like the rice fields, waterfalls and coffee plantations.

6. Bali Swings

Instagram spots Ubud – Bali Swing

They make great photos and they’re also incredibly fun! Bali swings are dotted all around Ubud’s countryside, so there are plenty of different places you can do one. Our favourite is (or should we say Chloe’s favourite – George does not do swings, or rollercoasters) is in the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. The tour operators will winch you up and let you go from a high height, so be prepared for a big drop!

Getting there:
Ask a local taxi driver to take you to a Bali Swing, or just find one as you explore, they are all over the place.

6. The Monkey Forest

Photo by Radoslav Bali on Unsplash

This is one place where we’ve never been to take photos. Firstly, although she loves them, Chloe is terrified of the monkeys! When we first came to Ubud we stayed south of the forest meaning having to walk past it every time we went into town. Cheeky monkeys tried to steal our food on many occasions, Chloe almost handed a bag of wine over as she didn’t want to fight with them – we hate to think what would happen if they tried to steal the camera! For people who aren’t afraid of the monkeys, however, a monkey selfie is sure to get some likes on the ‘gram.

Getting there:
The Monkey Forest is located on the south-west corner of the main town.

Don’t take any food with you into the forest – they don’t care who you are, or how well you hide it, they will find it and they will eat it!

Happy snapping!

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