The 8 best vegan cafes in Ubud

vegan cafes in Bali

Bali, as so many of you will already know, is a vegan’s dream. There are good vegan options just about everywhere you turn and better still, specific vegan restaurants that make places in Aussie look plain boring! Finding the best vegan cafes in Ubud has been a tasty experience.

There are so many good options it’s hard to try them all. Even though we spent an entire month in Ubud, there’s just no way to get around them all. We did fortunately make a fairly good dent and found some incredible spots that you must try.

These are the 10 best vegan cafes in Ubud as voted by us.

1. Bella by Sage

Bella by Sage is one of Bali’s newest and easily our favourite restaurant. As the name suggests, Bella is an Italian restaurant with all of the pasta and pizza you could ever want. But not only will you not miss the cheese or meat; you’ll wonder why all Italian restaurants aren’t this incredible. Every bite is a taste sensation and you’ll wonder how on earth they bring out such incredible food.

Bella is fast becoming a hotspot for Ubud expats and remote workers as the place to be.

The jackfruit pizza, mushroom gnocchi, cauliflower buffalo wings, and dragonfruit mocktail are all must-tries.

2. Give Cafe (in Canggu, but worth a mention)

Run by the same owners as the very-famous Kynd Community, Give is one of those cafes that you literally have to eat at when you visit Bali. We weren’t even based in Canggu (we’re not huge fans of the area) but we took a taxi trip from Ubud specifically to visit Give and since it was so amazing it deserves a mention on the list.

Give isn’t a cafe, it’s a philosophy. They are 100% plant-based and give 100% of their profits to organisations in need (hence the name). After paying, you get the option to support either a people, planet or paws charity – pretty cool huh?

Best of all the food is TDF (to die for). While Bella takes our top spot, Give is an easy second. The menu is extensive, with amazing brunch and lunch options (both western and asian) and every bite it a flavour-filled experience

The unicorn pancakes, laksa and iced chocolate can’t be missed.

3. Acai Queen

vegan cafes in Ubud

Acai Queen may be one of the coolest and relaxing places in Ubud. They focus on just one thing: “nice-cream” bowls. I know what you’re thinking, how good can these “nice-cream” bowls really be? Every single ingredient is a flavour bomb: Acai, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, fresh diced strawberries and even vegan oreos. This place is easily one of the best vegan cafes in Ubud.

The setting itself is worth a visit, with swings, coconuts, tropical vibes and really friendly staff. It’s such a fun place to hang out for a few hours.

There’s only one problem with Acai Queen: once you get a taste for their “nice-cream” you’ll want to go back everyday!

4. Sage

Sage is a real hero in the vegan cafe scene. We found this gem the first time we visited Ubud and have been back so many times. After visiting Bali we constantly talked about going back to Sage, so we did, many times (even though it wasn’t exactly close to our accommodation).

Sage, like Bella, makes plant-based cooking look like a breeze. The famous jackfruit burritos are a must try.

5. Seeds of Life

This 100% raw, 100% plant-based gem is an experience. With an upstairs level and indoor/outdoor seating, most of which is on the floor cushions, Seeds of Life is a place you can hang out all day. The menu is huge and even includes a ‘tonic bar’ (something we personally didn’t try). There are a huge range of all vegan, all raw options including chocolate pancakes (my personal favourite), jackfruit smoothie jars (must try) and even laksa.

Seeds of Life isn’t just about taste; it’s also about optimum health and healing and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. They also have fresh spring water which is then UV filtered.

6. Kafe

While not strictly vegan, this western cafe has a huge range of vegan options, and generally anything on the menu can be made vegan. Kafe is also a great place to remote work: we wrote many of the early posts of this blog at Kafe, for example.

The smoothie list is substantial and, having tried a few of them, we can’t recommend them enough. There are also plenty of other healthy options: salads, vegetable pasta dishes, wraps and chia jars. Pop by after a yoga session for a delicious refuelling meal.

7. Kopi on Bisma

For our celiac friends out there, Kopi on Bisma is 100% gluten free and celiac friendly, it’s also very tasty and has plenty of vegan options. As its name suggests, they also do great coffee for those who need their early morning fix and they always have fresh coconuts.

Kopi is a fusion of local and western food, with plenty of great dishes on offer. Think noodle and rice dishes galore and our favourite: mushroom, sweet potato and tofu.

8. Yuga Organic Warung

Vegan cafes in Ubud

One of our favourite places in Ubud, Yuga Organic Warung is located up in the rice fields well away from the hustle and bustle of busy Ubud. It’s an incredible place to remote work, as the WiFi is fast, it’s always quiet, the staff are unbelievably friendly and, best of all, the food is to die for.

Everything is organic and most of the food comes from the hydroponic garden out the front. While not strictly vegan, it has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options and are more than happy to ‘veganise’ a meal. Two of our favourites were the veggie burger and veggie wraps. It’s fresh food at its absolute best.

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